Marie's Bridal

Marie's Bridal and Sewing Centre 
20 Cromer Avenue,  Grand Falls Windsor, Newfoundland, A2A 1X2
Phone or fax-709 489-2934
  1. Custom Fitting
    Have your dress custom fitted at Marie's, we have over 30 years experience in Fashion Design, Pattern Making and Custom Fit. We know where the dress should fit on your body and listen to you 're concerns and work to make your dress fit the way you want.
  2. Tailoring
    Marie's has been meeting the tailoring needs for the community altering Uniforms, Tuxedos, Costumes, Badges, Altering trousers to let them out or take them in, whatever the need is.
  3. Home Decor
    Marie's is your #1 place to go to have your Draperies Shortened or Lengthened. Decorator cushions made or repaired.
  4. Steam Dresses and Press Shirts and Pants
    Book To have your dress steamed for your wedding or special occasion. The dress will be left in the morning for pick up in the afternoon or next day pickup. We will also press shirts and pants for the wedding party as needed.
  5. Rentals
    Tuxedos Capes Crinolins Please book your rentals
  6. Dye Shoes
    Book to have your shoes dyed in colours to match your wedding party colours. Please be aware that dying only takes place at certain times and booking ahead is required. The shoes have to be a dye able shoe We match as close as possible and can do a pre test if required. You will have to talk to Marie about your particular requirements.
  7. Custom fit veils and headpieces
    We have many requests to make changes to veils and headpieces. We can make those changes for you and can make custom veils with advance booking.
  8. Custom Finishes
    At Marie's we have many requests for personal touches added to a wedding that are hard to find or get. Talk to us to see if we can meet any of those requests. An example would be some people like additions to dress as memory touches from a passed family member or something as simple as extra beading or embellishments added to the dress